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Welcome to Comanche Creek Brewing Company

For an incomparable experience, come join us on our outdoor patio Wednesday through Saturday 12PM to 6PM! (call if it is a blizzard, we are probably still out here but check in just to make sure)

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Comanche Creek Brewing Company is a small family owned microbrewery nestled in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Northern New Mexico and located just out side Eagle Nest, New Mexico. We offer our take on several beer styles and by utilizing the pristine mountain waters of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, we bring our customers great tasting beer in an incomparable setting . We hope you enjoy our hand-crafted beers the next time you are in Northern New Mexico!

  • Homestead Amber
  • Touch-Me-Not IPA
  • Scully Mountain IPA
  • Creekside Blond
  • Iron Mountain Porter
  • Golden Aspen Oktoberfest
  • Gold Rush Kolsch
  • Ol' Smokey Ale
  • Deadman Pale Ale

Homestead Amber Ale is a full bodied beer made in the traditional German alt (old) style. It provides a sweet maltiness with subtle hop flavor and a floral finish. Homestead Amber is named for a small log cabin located on the Comanche Creek in Northern New Mexico and constructed by the great grandfather of Comanche Creek Brewing Company's founder.

Touch-Me-Not IPA is a tantalizing American sytle IPA flavored with Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops. This bold IPA is named for the majestic mountain that overlooks our brewery!

Scully Mountain IPA is a robust American Style IPA with over 6% alcohol and 70 IBU's. It is named for the mount